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AFM TRADE is the World’s largest diatomite (kieselguhr) manufacturer company WORLD MINERALS/IMERYS ‘s distributor in Turkey since 2017. Celite branded diatomite products are; main supplier for the liquid sugar,fruit juice,beer,wine,paint,vegetable oil, starch(amylum)and glucose manufacturers. ADAPER PERLITE Expanded Perlite Plant was established as a new investment in 2014 by AFM TRADE. With a full automation system we produce best quality perlite which is 4000m2 factory area. We are aiming to provide with high quality products and fast supply possibilities to our customers with the production to be made at World standarts in this facility which is completed with the latest technology by following closely the process of perlite expension system in the world. HYDRO ALUMINUM AFM TRADE also meets the FITTING needs of the logistics sector rapidly from stocks with ADR CERTIFIED 5083 H111, 5182 H111 special alloy aluminum plate which is a new process for our country. We provide quality products and services by evaluating the support and alternative supply channels that our customers need in their new projects. 3M INDUSTRIAL FILTRATION PRODUCTS AFM TRADE has been distributing The world’s biggest company 3M industrial filtration products. AFM provide the 3M industrial filtration products to their customers since 2012. We will be pleased to show you the privileges of the AFM TRADE…



“Sabancı Org. San., Acıdere OSB Mah., Abdullah Gül Bulvarı No: 17, Sarıçam, Adana, Turkey”

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