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AFM TRADE is the World’s largest diatomite (kieselguhr) manufacturer company WORLD MINERALS/IMERYS ‘s distributor in Turkey since 2017. Celite branded diatomite products are; main supplier for the liquid sugar,fruit juice,beer,wine,paint,vegetable oil, starch(amylum)and glucose manufacturers. ADAPER PERLITE Expanded Perlite Plant was established as a new investment in 2014 by AFM TRADE. With a full automation system we produce best quality perlite which is 4000m2 factory area. We are aiming to provide with high quality products and fast supply possibilities to our customers with the production to be made at World standarts in this facility which is completed with the latest technology by following closely the process of perlite expension system in the world. HYDRO ALUMINUM AFM TRADE also meets the FITTING needs of the logistics sector rapidly from stocks with ADR CERTIFIED 5083 H111, 5182 H111 special alloy aluminum plate which is a new process for our country. We provide quality products and services by evaluating the support and alternative supply channels that our customers need in their new projects. 3M INDUSTRIAL FILTRATION PRODUCTS AFM TRADE has been distributing The world’s biggest company 3M industrial filtration products. AFM provide the 3M industrial filtration products to their customers since 2012. We will be pleased to show you the privileges of the AFM TRADE…
Mod Design, founded in 2002 to produce furniture designs against ordinaryity, was born as an innovative interior architecture company. Rapidly growing since the first day, Mod Design has emerged with the brands of Rubi by, Office and Seperation Systems that specialize in their own sectors, with a variety of products that have grown over the years and responded to different needs. Rubi by, launched in February 2014, is a leading brand in its field with its solutions for specific needs of call centers. Rubi by is a system that aims to keep productivity at the highest level in call centers. In the developing world, it is to become a national and global direction-oriented company to produce furniture, separation and personal office systems with modern quality designs with human focus by qualifying offices and to be in line with the principle of sustainability. As a leading furniture manufacturer in the sector with qualified products to meet the unmet needs of customers is to have a say in the world It is sustainable, original, focused on employee satisfaction, productive, effective, creating difference.
Since its establishment in 2003, MOTUS has been operating in the sector with the slogan of ”High Performance, Shared Power”. With its strong infrastructure, advanced machinery, high capacity production, wide product range, competent and experienced staff, it has became a growing brand on national and international basis. MOTUS has adopted the goal of being an international brand that “sets rules” in its sector. By using high quality spheroidal graphite cast iron in its products, MOTUS has been able to produce world-class quality cast iron crankshaft in standard size tolerances with the advanced technology applied for the first time in our country as a result of the work of expert metallurgical engineers. MOTUS has increased its quality even more by producing very low error rate (0.1%). Thanks to the fully automatic CNC grinding machines (robots) imported from Europe and included in the production line. MOTUS, which started production with crankshafts suitable for heavy vehicles, heavy machinery and heavy industry engines, has added crankshafts for passenger and commercial vehicle engines to its product range. MOTUS, which produces crankshaft in its facilities with a cover area of 12 000 m2 and exports about 40% of its production, exports to 50 countries, 15 of which are members of the European Union. In order to produce high quality crankshafts above the standards, MOTUS's main objective is to follow and use innovative technologies continuously and to make the cooperation based on mutual trust with its customers and dealers. For this purpose, SSH team is equipped in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Adana and Konya to meet the technical support demands of its customers.
BRANGO Textile is one of the leading men’s apparel manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler & retail chain operator in in Turkey. We have 3 manufacturing factory, 1 wholesale branch & 37 retails chain shops in globally. Gradually we are expanding our business all over the world. BRANGO textile prime goal is to become a leading, well establish, renowned men’s fashion brand house in globally. BRANGO Textile offering its own flagship brand ''BRANGO''. Which is well known from Middle East, Europe, America & Africa . We Frequently Improve our garments article adherent with world class quality standards in the fastest & flourishing apparel industry. BRANGO Textile always study market trend & analysis the market demand. Our main products lineup included all kinds of men’s shirts, men’s polo shirts, men’s sport jacket, men’s blazer, men’s suit, men’s sweater, men’s cardigan, men’s casual jackets, men’s neck-wear etc. So get a hold with us if you want to be a part of our business family please contact with us. Inquire from global buyer, wholesaler, distributor, franchise, investor, private label manufacture,agents are warmly welcome.
Our founder had just started to produce pastry store in food sector and he was 13 years old while starting up. His status has changed thanks to hardworking, trustable and on a regular basis. He has always broadened his horizon and it caused to accomplish new succeed in business life. He has converted the business from pastry manufacture to the raw material supplier thanks to biggest thoughts and plans. Then Bulvar Group has collobarated its power with Ulker Group. As Bulvar Group, its main purpose is that provide high quality raw materials to the biscuit, confectionary, chocolate and pastry manufacturer. Bulvar is trying to do its best to offer the order just in time with the vast product range. As Bulvar Group, we believe that service sector is a craft for us. Moreover, we are always supporting and solving the customers' problem together. There is no any prohibition to offer the service thanks to our educated team in which has hardworking, reliable and expert skills. As Bulvar Group, we possess some main responsibility for the future of our country and we believe that to deal with entire of difficulties with our team members.
Unikey Solutions is an experienced company in the machinery and production industries. The company has been actively involved in the metal industry for many years and has done business in many parts of the world. Later, it started to provide consultancy services to transfer its experience to other companies. Thanks to years of experience Unikey Solutions is able to distinguish the companies that can produce good and high quality from others and contacts the best producers for buyers. In addition, Unikey Solutions and its partners' manufacturing facilities are able to produce turnkey production lines for many products. Unikey Solutions, with its extensive production capability, offers turnkey project solutions for a large number of products, especially in the metal industry, and can respond to different product needs. Unikey Solutions continues to develop itself, and continues to have knowledge and experience in different industries and types of production. Services such as foreign trade and marketing consulting, feasibility study, project planning, facility design, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and employee training are benefits of Unikey Solutions company.
Bernetto Ic ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. was established in 2017 and is growing rapidly every day thanks to the honest and devoted work of its successful staff who have gained experience in construction, bathroom equipment and foreign trade for a long time. Taking firm steps towards institutionalization, our company also demonstrates its effort to become a versatile company by serving in different sectors.