Turkish Constructions Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish constructions, Turkey constructions manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality constructions from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

BIRDAL CELIK KAPI A.S.        Türkiye     Mustafa BİRDAL    
s steel doors, steel door, exterior door, exterior doors, exteriordoor, contruction, constructions, bulding, buildings, building, fingerprint, interior doors, interior door
TANGIBLE HOLDING        Türkiye     TANGIBLE Holding    
s construction, energy, oil, gas, mining, metal, telecommunication, information technology, project planning, front end planning, feasibility studies, cost forecasting and bid analysis, sustainability consulting, leed analysis, technology selection, solar and thermal, wind turbines, biomass conversion, fuel cells, geothermal, equity finance and due diligence, system design, feasibility study, biogas conversion, waste conversion, metals, constructions, oils, cost reduction, mineral exploration, field development plans, industry research, modeling and simulation, technical audits, production forecast, sensitivity study, complete mine design, pit and underground mapping, mining audits, mining scheduling, fragmentation analysis, business technology planning, consumer technology planning, antitrust and regulatory compliance, global sales development, marketing strategy, software management, research and analytics, information security, vulnerability management
ADEN METAL YAPI A.S.        Türkiye     Hasan ÖZKAZANCI    
s steel construction, steel constructions, facade, wall, steel, structure, roof, system, and tools, drawer systems, hinge systems, connection accessories, lid systems, feet, bits tips, construction materials, construction, construction production, construction tools, and tool, drawer system, hinge system, connection accessorie, lid system, feets, bits tip, construction material, constructions, construction productions, construction tool
s buildings, constructions, construction projects, building projects, project consultancy services, industrial investments, architectures, energy, food, agriculture and animal husbandry, agriculture, animal husbandry, marketing, homes, housing projects, protocol houses, housings, site, building, construction, construction project, building project, project consultancy service, industrial investment, architecture, home, housing project, protocol house, housing, agriculture animal husbandry
ERDEM DEMIREL INSAAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Yunus ŞEBER    
s contracting services, buildings, facilities, factories, residences, embassy buildings, macaroni factories, macaroni facilities, flour factories, flour facilities, hospitals, rest house constructions, constructions, contracting service, building, facilitiy, factory, residence, embassy building, macaroni factory, macaroni facility, flour factory, flour facility, hospital, rest house construction, macaroni factor, consturctions
YAKUPOGLU TEKSTIL VE DERI A.S.        Türkiye     Export Department    
s footwears, shoes, textiles, outerwears, eyewears, constructions, construction materials, rubbers, metals, plastics, footwear, shoe, textile, outerwear, eyewear, construction, construction material, rubber, metal, plastic, military footwear, police footwear, rescue footwear, safety shoes, military boots, military clothing, ballistic goggles, back packs, ruck sacks, sleeping bags, camping beds, tents, tactical vest, firefighter boots, motorcycle boots, pilot boots, uniforms, cold climate garments, ballistic vests, military footwear, police footwear
DEKAPOR INSAAT SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ahmet ÖZTÜRK    
s styrofoams, ceiling coatings, jambs, windowsills, layer systems, copings, keystones, decorative cross sections, buttresses, columns, bedplates, laths, joints, windows, styrofoam, ceiling coating, jamb, windowsill, layer system, coping, keystone, decorative cross section, buttress, column, bedplate, lath, joint, window, construction chemicals, construction, chemicals, claddings, interior claddings, exterior claddings, jacketings, jacketing systems, eps jacketings, eps, sheathing, xps, chemical, construction chemical, cladding, jacketing, sheathing systems, constructions, sheathing system, exterior cladding, interior cladding, eps jacketing systems, sheathings, eps sheathings, eps sheathing systems, jacketing system, eps jacketing, eps jacketing system, eps sheathing, eps sheathing system
NUN MUH. MIMARLIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mustafa KAHYA    
s air conditioning, architectural services, armatures, box, bricks, building and construction works, building contracting services, building installation services, building materials, building refurbishment works, building repair and maintenance works, cables, cements, cement, ceramic tiles, composite panels, connector, connectors, construction equipments, construction machinery, construction materials, construction services, construction works, constructions, contractor, cooling system, cooling systems, crate, cutting tool, cutting tools, deck, door, doors, electrical installation materials, electrical installation works, electrical wire, electrical wires, contractor
VIMAKS        Türkiye     Huseyın Bozkan    
s hoisting, machines, hoisting machines, end, carriage, end carriage, crane, systems, crane systems, bridge energy, command systems, remote control, applications, infra, strupture, infra struptures, transfer, trolleys, transfer trolleys, steel, constructions, industrial, building, transfer, applications
YZ INNOVATIONS CO.        Mısır     Yusuf Zaki    
s constructions
RASHEED HAIDARI CONSTRUCTION        Afghanistan         
s constructions, construction, buildings, building
METRON YAPI VE PROJE TAAH. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye         
s building projects, building and projects, constructions, prefabricated constructions, prefabricated construction, concrete parquet, concrete ashlar, grass stones, kerb, curf, briquette, hollow production, prefabricated concrete pipes, concrete fence post, concrete fence picket, flower tub
BEREKETNAKSH BILISIM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Süleyman NUZUMLALI    
s cement, textile, industry, heating, cooling, transporting, crane, chemical industry, construction, screw, conveyor, heater, bunker, tank, briquette, cobblestone, pressing, press, machine, lift, cements, textiles, industries, heatings, tanks, cranes, conveyors, machines, cooling systems, freezers, heaters, lifts, coolers, presses, conveyor systems, constructions, heating system, screws, bunkers, heating systems, cooling system, chemical industries, coolings, conveyor system, briquettes, transportings, cobblestones, pressings
ZAHIT ALUMINYUM SAN. TIC. A.S.        Türkiye     Serpil DÖNMEZ    
s aluminium profiles, aluminum profiles, phovoltaic panel constructions, aluminium, aluminum, profiles, compozite, panels, photovoltaic, constructions, aluminium profile, aluminum profile, compozite panel, phovoltaic panel construction, profile, panel, construction, panel constructions, panel construction, sash showcase profiles, standart profiles, miscellaneous profiles, solar panels, composite panel profiles, aluminium solar panels, sash profiles, showcase profiles, aluminum xomposite panel, aluminium composite panel, alumi, pvc window, pvc door, industrial profiles, solar panel, plastic profile, aluminium solar panel, pvc windows, polycarbonate profile, box profiles, furniture profiles, box profile, furniture profile, carpet profiles, shower cabin profiles, polycarbonate profiles, plastic profiles, decorative profiles, pipe profiles, composite profiles, glass balcony profiles, culvert profiles, pvc window profile, pvc doors, shutter profiles, sash profile, pvc door profiles, pvc window profiles, pvc, pvc door profile, shower cabin profile, shutter profile, glass balcony profile, sliding door profiles, pipe profile, decorative profile, industrial profile, cooler profiles, cooler profile, tent profiles, carpet profile, connection profiles, compozite panels, non thermal sliding profiles, wood joinery profiles, separator skirting profiles, seramic profiles, ballustrade profiles, advertorial profiles, cornerpice profiles, full box profiles, round pipe profiles, sun breaking profiles, sliding roller profiles, sliding flynet profiles, sash showcase profile, standart profile, miscellaneous profile, composite panel profile, showcase profile, non thermal sliding profile, sliding door profile, composite profile, wood joinery profile, separator skirting profile, seramic profile, ballustrade profile, tent profile, culvert profile, advertorial profile, connection profile, cornerpice profile, full box profile, round pipe profile
KB IMPORT EXPORT A.S.        Türkiye     ilknur ALAGOZ KOCABAS    
s export marble, export natural stone, import natural stone, home decor, import marble, interior design, kb importexport, kbworld, marble, marble floors, marble slabs, natural stone slabs, natural stone steps, natural stone tile, naturel stones, outdoor design, tiles, turkish bath, carrara marble, marble table, travertine, emperador, onyx, black marbles, rossolevanto, equator marble, marmara marble, panda marbles, white marbles, colored marbles, blocks, french pattern set, stairs, door, cement, building materials, marble blocks, ceramic tiles, black marble, windowsill, capstone, skirting, kerb, constructions, water treatment systems, porcelain tiles, fixing, sunflower oil, fixing materials, polished, dolomite, antique, curtain wall, downspout, emprador, anchor bolts, cork, flower bed, marble wall, honed, brushed, fixing systems elements, facadeclading, stone clading, framing channels, castin channels, brick facing walls, rain creen walls, tile fixing, cement tiles, dark emprador, light emprador, marmara equator, sandblusted, washconcrete, water conduit, tree framework, bearing foot, step stone, elevator coating, hand made tiles, terrazo, artifical, banks for park and garden, marmara equavator pijama marble, kbimportexport, marble granite quartz aggregated tiles, cementine tiles, exterior perceivable aggregated tiles, marble for bath, anchor equipments
s wires, fences, wire fences, fence wires, football field carpets, astroturfs, astro turfs, metals, precious metals, non-noble metals, semi-metals, tents, petroleum products, construction materials, building materials, dams, water reservoirs, canals, indoor water lines, outdoor water lines, paving stones, lanscapings, interior design projects, constructions, buildings, wire, fence, wire fence, fence wire, football field carpet, astroturf, astro turf, metal, precious metal, non-noble metal, semi-metal, tent, petroleum product, construction material, building material, dam, water reservoir, canal, indoor water line, outdoor water line, paving stone, lanscaping, interior design project, construction, building, led, cadir, tents, kontol paneli, sentetik cim, artificial grass, granul, hurda, alimun, metal scrap, scrap, lighting direction, aluminum square, drawing control panel, galvanized, cables, kablo kanallari, solar, solar panels, grp, led
UZMAN ALUMINYUM LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Emre COŞAR    
s aluminium, aluminum, aluminum alloy casting, aluminum alloy castings, sand molding, sand moldings, kokil molding, kokil moldings, vacuum pump casing, vacuum pump casings, bracket, brackets, periscope body, periscope bodys, engine support, engine supports, engine bracket, engine brackets, engine mounting bracket, engine mounting brackets, radiator boiler, radiator boilers, machine part, machine parts, fluid control plug, fluid control plugs, compressor pulley, compressor pull, lighting, construction, plastics, plastic, lightings, elevator spare parts, machine spare parts, mining, agricultural spare parts, constructions, elevator spare part, machine spare part, agricultural spare part, minings, compressor pulleys, mercedes oil carter, mercedes oil carters, electrical spare parts, electrical spare part
RAHIM CEYLAN INSAAT LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Mehmet CEYLAN    
s construction, construction services, building services, airbag bandage, automotive spare parts, spare parts, auto accessories, brake systems, ford spare parts, fiat spare parts, chassis parts, volkswagen spare parts, airbag, fiat airbag bandage, ford airbag bandage, peugeot airbag bandage, volkwagen airbag bandage, rubber plastic parts, peugeot spare parts, automotive, engine parts, tractor spare parts, trucks spare parts, constructions, construction service, automotive glasses, rubber-plastic parts
MIMAROGLU LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Emin Sinan MİMAROĞLU    
s construction services, contracting services, architectural services, building, construction service, contracting service
TURKUAZ TRADE LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Ömer Faruk DOĞAN    
s stadium seat support, post-construction cleaning, solar panel systems, system, solar panel system, support, architecture, interior architecture, post-construction fine workmanship, architectures, interior architectures, post-construction fine workmanships, import, export, construction, imports, exports, constructions